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Cindy Kay Music has been rockin Charlotte area clubs since the business began in 1997.  Drawing record crowds by offering premium sound and DJ’s that have the right stuff to get the crowd enthused.  We know what to play and when to play it by observing and getting in tune with the party crowd.  If the party requires a little nudge in the right direction our DJ’s are more than happy to jump out on the floor and lead up the Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Wobble or other line dances.  If karaoke is on the table for the night we’ll get the patrons involved by encouraging them to let their hair down and join the party.  Karaoke connoisseurs from across the country have commented that we run the best show they’ve ever attended and that our sound systems are the best they’ve sang on. 

We offer the best of both worlds.  For those who want to sing and sound their best, this is the show they love to attend….and…..for those who want to get their groove on out on the floor, they hear the songs that make them shake!


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