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Catering to the most formal events such as weddings and corporate events to the casual, such as backyard pool parties, our DJ’s offer the versatility to handle any event with an outstanding level of professionalism. Hire us for your corporate party or event and we’re on the job in the appropriate white/black jacket and slacks. Hire us for your backyard pool party and there we are in our Hawaiian shirts and shorts ready to help set the mood! We offer two basic types of shows…. either a pure DJ show or a combination of Karaoke and DJ. Night events include DJ effects lighting whereas our daytime shows may include hula hoops/limbo sticks and other props when appropriate.

As for weddings, well that’s a specialty of ours.  We take the time to sit down ahead of time with the prospective bride and groom to personalize their event, learning their unique personalities and family/guest background and mapping out the details of their special day/night and to discuss what they may or may not what to include in the program.


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