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Cindy has been performing for live audiences since age 5. Since then she has been sharpening her skills as a vocal/dance/stage performer, both on-stage and with professional training. Her strong lead vocals, friendly demeanor, alluring sex appeal, and electrifying stage presence have captivated audiences everywhere. She’s performed for audiences from Detroit, MI – Nashville, TN – Atlanta, GA – Charlotte, NC – Tampa, FL, and many cities along the way. She can play guitar and writes the lyrics for the band Gypsy Heart.

Her love for music and singing began as a child, growing up on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan.  She began gymnastics at age 5, and later branched off into dance. She created dance routines and skits with her sister, cousin or friends and would perform them for family.

In her teen years, she continued to choreograph dance routines with her friends, sometimes showcasing them at school assemblies. She was involved with school theater and also became a cheerleader. At age 14, she joined a song and dance troupe, performing with a live band back-up, that put the seal on her passion for music. She had to put all other activities aside, in order to become one of the key leaders in this group. She stayed completely involved with it for the next 8 years, in such roles as choreographer, section leader, show coordinator, music director, and more.  This unique experience gave her the backbone for her launch into world of professional performance.

She studied Music Theatre at Henry Ford Community College and Western Michigan University.

After moving to Charlotte NC she gained popularity fronting the cover band Bait and Switch and writing the lyrics and performing with the all original band Gypsy Heart.

She performs as a DJ at various Clubs and Venues, as a singer within the Acoustic Duo known as Cindy K & Scottie J. For leisure she spends as much time as possible with her son Chase and riding her horses.

She is truly a natural talent, born to perform with a determination to succeed.


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